Travelling to Camp Nou


This week I took over someone else's Instagram account and logging on to their 1.7million followers scared the life out of me. I was permanently terrified that I would accidentally post an inappropriate photo and open a can of legal drama... globally.!

Thankfully I didn't screw it up.

Instead I safely posted my incredible journey to watch Barcelona take on Juventus in the UEFA Champions League quarter finals. had invited me take over their global Instagram account and document my journey in stories. It couldn't have been more awesome.

It was the first time I've ever visited Camp Nou (It's Camp Nou by the way NOT Nou Camp for a variety of reasons. The main one -  Camp Nou is written on the side of the freaking stadium) and I was blown away.


The place is massive. I got lost several times and found myself distracted from the game and staring at the layers upon layers of screaming fans upwards and upwards towering for over each other. It's a never ending bowl of power that pumps pure energy into that central circle of the pitch. Barca rarely lose at home and it's easy to see and feel why.

The 12th man at Camp Nou is a giant.

The Maracanã in Rio is the only stadium in the world that reaches a point of comparison but if I'm honest, and this is coming from a can't quite match Camp Nou.

Over 1.1million viewers followed me along my journey and I'm so pleased I got to share all the excitement. Not a bad job this, is it?