Things You Didn't Expect About Living In A Hotel


For three months I lived in The St Regis Mumbai and despite everyone telling me I might get bored, it would become cramped and that I should probably rent, living in a hotel was the best choice we've made by miles. If there's one thing I have learned about myself it's that I absolutely could live in a hotel. It's awesome. 

Here are some of my discoveries that you might not expect from living in a hotel...


other people live there - like it's actually their home

The St Regis is particularly spectacular. It's 5 star and known for its incredible butler service however it's not just the St. Regis where you discover serviced apartments most often on the upper floors and people who have called it home...for years. In Mumbai I met a lady who'd been living in one of the hotels apartments for 3 years and a genleman who'd been living in a normal hotel room for one year. Neither of them planned to leave. Most hotels will have a regular for one reason or another and I'm insanely envious of those who've been smart enough to make a luxury hotel their home. 


Everyone is getting married everyday

My first week at the hotel saw a wedding every single day. I found it incredible how the grand ballroom transformed into another brides dream each night and loved to watch the staff rushing round the thousands of beautiful dressed guests. Sometimes hotels have more than one wedding a day and carefully time manage the events to perfection so one bridal party ever sees the other. I thought it must have been wedding season in Mumbai but no...three months later there were still daily weddings, everyday a new couple hoping to make their day as unique as possible. 

In my life people don't often get married, there's a flurry around summertime but that's about it, if you live in a hotel you quickly realise how many weddings happen every single day. Speaking to a top London hotel wedding planner upon my return I explained how surprised I was and asked if this is also the case in the uk. Absolutely - she replied, The daily weddings become a cookie cutter formula they just change the bride and groom.



despite having a 24hour gym and pool you will put on weight

No amount of working out or swimming can balance out a spectacular buffet breakfast DAILY for three months. It's the hardest place to be disciplined. I managed to persuade myself that breakfast is the one meal where you can eat what you like and therefore ate everything. I've never met a hotel resident who can be disciplined at breakfast. At the St Regis breakfast is served in their Seven  kitchens restaurant. It's aptly named as it actually has seven open kitchens all serving different styles of divine breakfasts. Resistance is futile, the only way out is to order room service.   

You will miss the staff...A lot

Hotel staff are almost invisible whilst simultaniously being helpful and always present. St. Regis have this nailed. The staff never bother you and if you want a quiet day it's easy to feel like you're in private. Yet when you want company they're right there with you. I knew I'd miss the staff I'd befriended over my time there but I had no idea quite how much. 


I resided from September to December 2016 in the St.Regis Mumbai