Questions I Keep Getting Asked About David Beckham


There's no denying it, he's special. So after interviewing him live for Adidas' World Cup programme 'The Dug Out' it made sense that lots of people would ask me a lot of questions. It's a great privilege to have a sit down interview with David, he doesn't do a lot of them and as you already know he's ridiculously... famous. 

I have found it interesting that people in general are far more interested in my experience with David than Messi. When someone discovers I've interviewed the world's greatest footballer (not David) they instantly ask whether Messi was 'A bit strange?' and then go back to talking about David.

So here are some of the most common questions I get asked about David Beckham and my responses...


He definitely has an air about him, a confidence, a charisma and a presence that draws attention. He'd have that whether he was famous or not! He's undoubtedly a very very beautiful man and despite taste or opinion something all the women and men noticed the second he entered the room is he is even more attractive in real life.


He was not a diva, but we were. When David Beckham arrives somewhere people just go nuts, so in order to have this interview run on time, and for David to be as comfortable as possible, we had to clear the building of selfie seekers and time wasters. We went into lockdown - those who didn't HAVE to be there were gifted the day off.


I was nervous about every live show we made during the World Cup, I was nervous about things going wrong..and they did. My microphone stopped working mid interview!! But strangely I wasn't nervous about David himself. I met him before the interview for a briefing in his dressing room. I ran through the questions and met his guests, we talked about Brasil and just had a general every day chat. It felt very normal, he is very normal and polite BUT when I stood up on stage and introduced the show I was reading my auto cue links and saw David in my peripheral vision standing at the side of the stage ready to come on. When it got to the line where I introduce him, the penny dropped. David Beckham was about to walk on to the stage of my show. I felt it in that moment. Thankfully you can't see the nerves.


I find it bizarre how many people, and the type of person who asks this question. No he's not remotely thick. He's said some funny things in the past but most of those were when he was barely nineteen and he's clearly established an incredible fortune, global business and happy family since then. He was a pleasure to interview, he answered everything super eloquently and by the way I saw him conduct his business I'd describe him as sharp.


I get asked this a lot. An uncomfortable amount of times. I hate it. Just think about that question for a moment. It's so laced with horrendous impressions. Essentially this question asks "Did he attempt to ruin his life, undermine his wife and fit into a very old fashioned stereotype of footballers by attempting to flirt with you in front of his children?"


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