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The ‘How can I say that I’m pregnant?’ Blog


June 20, 2015 by Layla Anna-Lee

  I’m sorry this is kinda late, I’m now over 6 months pregnant and my friends all know but it’s apparently rather important to ‘announce’ it. 

Social media trends officially lead our lifestyles and 6 weeks ago I posted on Twitter that I was pregnant. It’s strange. Super strange. Firstly it’s hard to talk about because it’s actually pretty private but also because it dramatically effects people’s perception of me. 

Immediately people assumed I’d stop working, they also envisaged I’d never work again, like pregnancy was some form of early retirement. 

Many believed all conversation will now become pure baby babble and I’d be fronting some new breast pump campaign. 

They’re wrong. 

I’ve been working throughout and I’m physically able. I’m active and well and I’m still an Entertainment & Sports presenter. I’m also a complete novice at this mum thing. I’m far more at home interviewing athletes than discussing the advantages of a birthing pool. Personally I’d much rather work than have tea at an ante-natal class!

So don’t worry my blogs here will remain the same, I’m still filming and I’m not going anywhere. 

I’m just pregnant. 



Confidence is contagious…


March 30, 2015 by Layla Anna-Lee


40% of women believe improving their looks will actually make them more successful. 

91% of women are unhappy with thief bodies. 

Leaving only 2% of women who believe they are beautiful. 

The worst bit is that this lack of confidence is not unfounded. We’re bred by our environment to feel this way. In childhood the toy aisles clearly separate the clever tech, building and science toys for the boys from the Barbie’s, dolls houses and pretty pink ponies for girls in a section that prepares a young girl for a home life with mini kitchens and brightly coloured cleaning equipment. 

Yet 70% of girls aged 10 to 16 say they want to have a successful career  as well as one day be a mum. 

Walk into a school today and you’ll find twelve year olds with hair extensions, fake tan and wearing false lashes. 

Then there’s the phrase ‘Like a girl’. We’ve all heard “You throw like a girl” Yet we don’t really think about the impact that has on an adolescent girl finding her place in society. It has one clear and bold message – to be ‘like a girl’ is to be weak. 

It’s no wonder women’s confidence is plummeting and no coincidence that we now see a rise in anorexia, depression and suicide. 

Kate Hardcastle decided to do something about this. 

Kate launched ‘Positive Image’ – a campaign to inspire confidence. She’s been working with children in schools, with CEOs of large influential businesses and directly with the British government to make a change. 

Last month I was honoured to be invited by Kate to an event at the House of Commons to learn more about her hard work and how I may be able to help. 

Alongside a wonderful group of talented and influential women including Olympian Sharon Davis MBE, Mobo awards Founder Kanye King MBE we weren’t given a softly softly sales pitch. Instead we were reminded that we had a voice in mainstream media that young girls listen to, therefore we have a responsibility. As do we all.

A responsibility to inspire confidence and not fall foul to the bad habit of judging other women on their looks. 

Kate was joined by MP Dame Tessa Jowell, who was monumental in the banning of size 00 from London Fashion Week. Tessa spoke honestly about the hard work we have ahead of us to help inspire a generation of selfie taking photo-shoppers looking for #thinspiration online. 

After only one morning with these remarkable women I realised quite how contagious confidence is and in reflection how contagious low self-esteem can be. 

Positive image month is in November and in the build up and all year round Kate has created a wonderful way that you can get involved by donating just one hour of your time. Check out www.positiveimagemonth.co.uk if you’d like to get involved. But first take a moment prioritise your thoughts, don’t allow yourself to be poisoned by false images of impossible bodies and in that moment be grateful for the skin you are in.

I found this clip created by always in a bid to inspire confidence in girls and bring new meaning to the usually derogatory remark ‘Like a Girl’, check it out, I’m on Twitter @laylaloves and I’d like to hear your thoughts…



3 reasons why Katie Price MUST enter CBB


January 16, 2015 by Layla Anna-Lee



Photo courtesy of @officialkatieprice instagram

If Katie price does walk into the celebrity big brother house tomorrow it will be the single most awesome decision any TV producer has ever made.

Here’s 3 reasons why:

1. Katie vs Katie
There’s no denying that Katie Hopkins and Katie Price genuinely despise each other and I’m certain that when KP sets foot in the camera covered celebrity enclosure she will be making a b-line for Hopkins. Katie Price publicly labeled Hopkins ‘ignorant’ and compared her to loathed comedian Frankie Boyle after Hopkins claimed “behind every fat kid is a fat mum” but it’s Hopkins’s most recent statement that will definitely have a fire still burning within KP. Upon the announcement of Katie Price’s baby daughter’s name Bunny, Hopkins tweeted: ‘BUNNY?! BUNNY! Makes sense given that your dad was making like a rabbit with all of mums mates’ referring to KP’s husbands alleged infidelities.


Apart from remarking that Hopkins was ‘Vile’ KP is yet to fully respond.
Hell will burn hot in big brother.

2. Time to dish the dirt!

Apart from a few emotional explosions Katie price has actually been incredibly quiet over the last few years. Since her divorce and subsequent court cases with ex-husband Peter Andre, Katie has been very withheld and no where near as willing to dish the dirt as she once was. However she’s not always enjoyed holding back often saying ‘one day it will all come out’. Her blood is still boiling over many issues, issues Perez Hilton will not shy away from mentioning! Is this the platform where we find out what really happened between Katie and Peter? Will Katie be able to hold back from telling us the truth about Alex Reid and Roxanne? Katie holds so many tales that despite having 5 autobiographies we still need to know so much more.

3.  The Jeremy Jackson Drama.
After Jeremy Jackson was booted out of the CBB house and given a police caution for his alleged actions towards glamour model Chloe Goodman every one has had an opinion and Katie Price is no different. Outside of the house there have been shocking views of a ‘she deserved it’ nature as ‘everyone has seen her boobs anyway’ and inside the house Chloe was apparently told that ‘Jeremy is a big time producer in Hollywood’ as if that made it OK. Katie Price has spoken about her experiences with sexual abuse in the past and will have little patience for those who believe a glamour model is public property!

No matter what happens, all eyes will be on the Pricey.



November 25, 2014 by Layla Anna-Lee



Layla Anna-Lee had a small intimate wedding over the weekend of the 21st of November 2014.

Photography by Tom Leishman.

Layla speaks to LUIS SUAREZ


November 4, 2014 by Layla Anna-Lee

After a time of great controversy Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez has put the Brasil World Cup behind him and allowed to rejoin competitive football making his return as a Barcelona player!

I caught up with him before his first match back in the UEFA Champions League to hear how he feels about returning to the beautiful game.

A rare interview with Lionel MESSI


October 27, 2014 by Layla Anna-Lee


For many years, when asking who the greatest football player in the world ever was you would hear one of two names…Pele or Maradona.

Now a third name is firmly added to the tightly fought table.

Lionel Messi.

The magic that is created by Messi on the pitch is as indescribable as his position of play. His strong, short and Maradona-esque frame appears to be glued to the ball and he is famed for running faster with the ball than without.

But there’s something else about Messi that’s almost as intriguing as his talent. His personality.

Unlike the David Beckham’s or Cristiano Ronaldo’s of the football world, we don’t see Messi in gossip magazines or celebrity media. In fact we hardly ever hear him speak at all.

Messi is known for being shy, modest and football focused – He’s also known for rarely giving interviews.

So when Adidas told me I was being granted the rare opportunity to interview Messi, I couldn’t believe it.


I didn’t believe it and therefore didn’t even get excited. I was sure this would fall through at some point and that it could only be a dream. I started to research and couldn’t find another filmed interview with Messi for over a year!

In a rare interview when he was seventeen you hear him say “I don’t like talking about myself – I’m done now”.

I was sure this wasn’t really going to happen and that if it did he might just walk out.

But there was a little twinge in the back of my mind that….perhaps.

It was with Adidas that I interviewed David Beckham at the World Cup in Brazil and Messi was due to be interviewed at an Adidas promotional shoot so we knew for a fact he’d be there. I was just sure in my mind that the morning of the interview he’d simply say “No thanks I don’t like talking about myself”.

It was only when he arrived on the shoot that it started to sink in. I watched him from a distance as he posed for photographs and then he started to walk towards me….

Credit: top photo of Layla by Chris Parkes

Layla interview’s – GARETH BALE


October 21, 2014 by Layla Anna-Lee

The Wonder Kid from Wales has made himself at home in Real Madrid. I went to visit him on and Adidas photoshoot to hear about how he’s settling in and how his Spanish is coming along… Enjoy!

6 Super Foods Your Body Will Love!


September 29, 2014 by Layla Anna-Lee

Europe’s largest online cooking channel, Sorted Food invited me in to their London studios to give my recommendations on my favourite Super Foods!

I was over the moon to able to take part in their wonderfully innovative culinary show and chuffed to be able to work alongside my good friend Ben Ebbrell again after co-hosting ITV’s The Munch Box with him in 2013.

Sorted Food are an incredibly fun an laid back channel that shows food in it’s most precious form – socially.

Being half Brazilian I believe we should share food as an important social affair. Large amounts of food are shared over long sittings and too many chefs in the kitchen adding and arguing and, put simply, joining in.

It is friends, stories and tasting that makes food so fun and Sorted food do all of this on a global scale. Four friends debate and create in their studio kitchen sharing their cooking experiences online.

They have even launched a new app which enables recipe sharing world wide and culinary problem solving through social media. Join in and enjoy the food prob!


It’s Back for Series 2 – The Munch Box


September 16, 2014 by Layla Anna-Lee


The Munch Box on ITV & CiTV

Just imagine the mess made during a game entitled ‘Pancake Head’.

Last year The Munch Box debuted on Saturday mornings on ITV with teams of boys vs girls competing against each other in the kitchen.

The teams are made up of chefs aged between 9 and 12 years old who compete in a series of cook off’s and culinary challenges judged by a celebrity chef & his two Munch Box tasters.

We had laughter, tears and lots of spreadable chocolate. The young teams are inspiring in the kitchen – with no boundaries and an array of healthy ingredients they cooked a divine Thai Prawn Tagliatelle – the pasta handmade from scratch!

I tasted the juiciest, most flavoursome beef burger I had ever experienced and when I asked the 9 year old chef to describe the flavour he proudly claimed “it tastes like a burger”.

Children recreated dishes from The Wolseley restaurant FROM MEMORY and now we’re back for series 2.

I’m joined by a brand new co-host Joe Hurd. The Anglo-Italian chef will be helping me guide the mini chefs in the kitchen as they prepare for an even tougher series of culinary challenges.

Empowering children and educating audiences with fresh home made deliciousness makes this a show I’m incredibly proud to be part of.

Join us in the kitchen at 8:30am The Munch Box Saturday mornings on ITV!

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


August 23, 2014 by Layla Anna-Lee

I was nominated to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in order to raise awareness for Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

I accept and I nominated my good friend photographer Tom Leishman. My KickTV co-host & former USA national soccer player Jimmy Conrad.
Meu amigo Barcelona midfielder Rafinha Alcantara, and Crystal Palace Co-Chairman Steve Parish.

I wonder who will accept?!

Donate to ALS on www.als.net